Master Thesis with Uniso and Modvion

Uniso Technologies, in collaboration with Modvion, offers an exciting opportunity for a thesis project in the spring of 2024. This project focuses on finding the best solution to create a doorway in a wall within a laminated wooden wind turbine tower.

Project Description: Solution for Openings in Laminated Wooden Wind Turbine Towers through FE Analysis

Modvion presents a master's project opportunity with the goal of identifying the optimal approach to incorporate a doorway in a wall within a laminated wooden wind turbine tower. Creating an opening in the structure will necessitate local reinforcements in a non-isotropic material where reinforcements are not as straightforward to implement. The objective is to find a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into the tower's design without compromising its structural integrity and overall lifespan. The thesis work will involve developing a design concept and conducting all the analyses, from constructing the computational model to performing analyses using specialized software to handle mechanical loads in the context of wind turbine towers. The thesis project can be undertaken by one or two students.
Furthermore, this project offers a unique opportunity for collaboration with our team of development engineers and designers, who are based at our offices in Bäckebol (Modvion) and/or Fiskhamnen (Uniso). This collaboration will provide valuable insights and practical experience in the field of wood technology for towers.

About  Modvion 

Modvion is a Swedish wood technology company that develops advanced structures in laminated wood, nature's carbon capture, for large-scale applications. Wood designs enable significant reductions in emissions by replacing materials with high emissions, such as steel and concrete. Thanks to their patented modular system, Modvion has been able to create cost-effective wind turbine towers and more efficient transportation for the installation of tall towers.


The project will be conducted at the Bäckebol (Modvion) and/or Fiskhamnen (Uniso) locations.
This thesis project offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of technical innovation in wood technology and wind turbine towers. If you are an ambitious student interested in solving technical challenges and collaborating with industry experts, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.
To express your interest, please follow the link below, and we will get in touch with you.

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